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Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

Eos350d03Canon announced its followup to their enormously successful Digital Rebel (AKA the EOS 300D) called the EOS 350D or Digital Rebel XT. This model is supposed to be priced around $899, so it seems to be positioned by Canon to be a replacement for the original Digital Rebel. Canon also predicted that the digital SLR market will double by the end of 2005, and this camera will help do that (no credit given to Nikon, of course).

Known specs:

  • 8MP

  • RAW+JPEG Shooting

  • ISO 100-1600

  • 1/4000 sec max shutter speed

  • 1/200 sec flash sync speed

  • 3FPS JPEG/4FPS RAW (ouch)

  • USB 2.0

Not a bad looking camera for the price, but I'll exercise my Nikon bias and suggest that the D70 still beats the pants off this camera in the specs department everywhere except in the megapixels. But we should all know by now that megapixels doesn't automatically equate to superior image quality.

For Canon users holding out for something with a little more beef to it than the original Digital Rebel, this is a great fit.


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Canon optics are as good as Nikon, Canon cameras are as good, therefore Canon 8mp SLR beats Nikon 6mp SLR without question. Open your mind and admit that your D70 purchase was an expensive mistake

Posted by: Luke Mullin at Mar 3, 2005 1:40:35 AM

What about the focusing systems of Nikon VS Canon? I've been side by side with D70 users cursing their HUNTING AF while my 300D continues to shoot sharp pictures. It still needs to improve though compared to my EOS30!

Posted by: Gordon Zammit at Mar 16, 2005 2:22:48 AM

Hmmm, I'm very much tempted to upgrade.

Posted by: estan at Mar 24, 2005 4:18:54 PM

My 300d rarely makes mistakes.

A 'bad focus day' for my 300d is a golden day for its rivals.

Sounds like I'd really be excited by a EOS30, though!

Posted by: Howard Bennett at Apr 30, 2005 8:34:04 AM

If your autofocus is letting you down, stop for a moment and admit that it's not your camera's fault. An autofocus doesn't 'make mistakes' - it works as it is programmed. A photographer makes mistakes. If that mistake is using the autofocus in a situation where it doesn't perform, the photographer should have known his equipment well enough to be old-fashioned at that moment and focused manually. People made it through a century of photography before the autofocus was a possibility. Those photographers didn't have as many excuses for why the picture didn't turn out.

Also, I don't understand the justification for calling a D70 purchase a mistake -- especially if someone has a lot of $$ in Nikon glass. In a year or two, someone will call a EOS 350D purchase a mistake because of a different Nikon camera. If you like your EOS better than my D70, then don't buy a D70.

Thanks for the interesting run-down on the new 350D.

Posted by: justinm at May 1, 2005 8:18:39 PM

I have purchased the Nikon D70 and have it for a week now. It was a toss up between the D70 and the Canon 350D. Before I made my purchase, I got the chance to feel the 350D at my local PC World. I have small hands and the camera fitted perfectly in my hands because of its size. Guess what, I ordered the D70 the next day even though I have never touched it! Here are my reasons. The 350D felt like a plastic toy (I know I know, its not a toy but it felt like that to me). All the controls were in the wrong place. I hate the control panel being located at the back of the camera instead of the top of the camera (like the Nikon). The 18-55mm kit lens was a joke. In fact I have yet to come across someone who has shot a decent picture with it. The 350D may well offer more megapixels than the D70 but we all know that unless you intend to enlange your picture to cover big ben, having extra megapixels does not mean a thing. Don't get me wrong, the Canon professional lenses are top class lenses but you are not getting one with the 350D kit! On the other hand, the 18-70mm lens that came with the D70 is a high quality set of glass. All the advice I received is to invest in the glass rather than the camera body. I have a limited budget so I went for the Nikon because I got both a quality body and a top class lens for less than the price of the 350D kit. Beat that! After one week everything is still working perfectly. As for the comment made by Luke about 'HUNTING AF'. I suggest he tells his pals to READ the MANUAL. There are 2 AF modes. There are lots of nice touches with the D70. A cover to protect the LCD. Useful grid in the view finder to help with your horizontals and verticals. I can go on and on but hey, why should I. I am selfish and do not want Tom Dick and Hary to own a D70 so go and buy yourself a 350D kit and good luck to you because you'll need it:)

Posted by: John at Jul 13, 2005 12:29:29 PM

Hi every body,

Any one can tell me that Nikon when going to improve its D70 to 8 Mp, or more.
Iam waiting their ugrade.


Posted by: Jimmy at Aug 7, 2005 7:16:24 AM

Don't know about your bias. Personally I like Canons better. I am shooting with a 20D, the best camera I ever owned. As I understand it, the 350D is not too far from the 20D. I don't like the small size of the 350D though. It would handle awkward with some of my longer lenses.

Posted by: Andre at Aug 15, 2005 7:36:47 PM

Please can any one answer me the question if the lense of the canon EOS 30 (36mm film) will work on the EOS 350D / REBEL XT ??

Posted by: Elie at Nov 3, 2005 2:22:37 PM

i just wanted to share with you all a project i've been working on. in the past year since i got the 20d (and the rebel before that), i've had many people ask me about my photos and my camera. i found myself sending the same emails and advice to people over and over again. i realized how difficult it was to find basic tips for newbies to the wonderful world of digital slr cameras and at times overwhelming. i had to dig through dozens of sites and ask my photog friends for advice on buying lenses and techniques.

so a few months ago, i decided to create a less intimidating site for people like myself who didn't have a clue. i'm hoping that it helps people learn and makes the journey more pleasant. i would love it if you all could contribute your thoughts and anecdotes on lenses and cameras in the forums. and if you find it to be a helpful resource, please send your friends! if it weren't for experts like all of you, i probably would still be clueless and trying to figure out what bokeh is. now i can't put my 20d down! please stop by and check it out. thanks!



Posted by: dave at Nov 16, 2005 2:30:59 PM

just found a great site that lists reviews from thousands of sources such as dpreview, cnet, etc. http://www.alatest.com .

Posted by: akipaki at May 11, 2006 2:13:05 PM

Switch to the future with the EOS 350D Digital and take your creativity to a new dimension. Compact, lightweight and intuitive; delivering results to captivate the most discerning audience.
The EOS 350D Digital employs Canon's acclaimed CMOS technology, for outstanding image quality and 8.0 Megapixel resolution. Always be primed for the next shot with responsive 3 frame per second, 14 frame burst performance and instant 0.2 second start up time. Powerful DIGIC II architecture taken from Canon's pro-series cameras ensures no compromise on sophisticated, effective and super-fast image processing.
Precise Focusing:
7 auto focus points are distributed across the frame for fast, accurate focusing, even with off-centre subjects. Lock focus before the shot with One Shot AF, or switch to AI Servo AF for predictive tracking of moving subjects - great for wildlife and sports photography
I can for sure say this about Canon 350D that its a best Digital Slr camera, & I've one with myself which I bought from www.microglobe.co.uk at low price.

Posted by: Mr.Amin at Jul 5, 2006 9:13:27 PM

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