Canon 5D Underwater Housing

Not sure how much one of these babies run for (the site is in Japanese), but the underwater housing looks really great.

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Canon releases the successor to the 20D and 2 new lenses

Canon 30DCanoneos30d

Canon releases the 30D, EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM and EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM (Canon's official press release).

What's new and significant:

  • new body design, more 5D-like
  • new shutter, now good for 100,000 cycles
  • larger 2.5" LCD
  • spot metering
  • ISO now displayed within viewfinder (finally!)
  • Picturestyles

Argh, after reading the fine text, ISO is only displayed within the viewfinder as you change the ISO, presumably disappearing after you change it.

The speed at which new DSLRs are being released means that fewer and fewer groundbreaking features are being incorporated. The 30D uses the same CMOS chip as the 20D and the same DIGIC 2 technology. We can expect noise management to be similar as well.

Should 20D owners upgrade? Personally, I don't see a compelling reason to, unless spot metering is very important to your line of work, which in case you'd have bought a dedicated spotmeter.

The 30D has price on its side though. The release price of $1399 USD is $100 less than then 20D at its launch. binary options brokers

You can read up DPReview's 30D rundown.

The lenses

Canon gets serious about its EF-S lenses with the annoucement of the EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 IS lens. According to initial reports, it is built almost as good as Canon's top of the line L lenses, but the clicher has to be the constant f2.8 on this baby. Previously, having 2.8 though this focal range meant that photographers needed to purchase the EF 16-35/2.8L and the EF 28-70/2.8L, each of which cost significantly more than the 17-55's release price of $1,149. On top of that, there is image stabilization on this lens. This is definitely the walk-about lens to own for DSLR owners who's cameras support the EF-S mount.

Enough has been said about the grand dame of portrait lenses, the EF 85/1.2L. Bokeh that literally watercolours the background into a dreamscape, surrounding your subject with satin pixels. Being the huge chunk of glass the 85/1.2 was, focusing was slow and depth of field extremely narrow.

Then enters the 85/1.2L II. Upgrading the focusing motor means that the one single weakness of the older mark 1 model ought to be addressed. If all goes well we might be seeing what is the ultimate portrait lens.

At a price of course. List price $2,099 USD.

DPReview's summary on

ps. FredMiranda has a pretty good discussion going on the new 85.

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Maxxum 5D

Km5d Ahem, after not posting in a while, Digital SLR editor Michael Buffington decides to carve out some time to devote to the site again.

In other news, Konica Minolta announced a cheap digital SLR last week. The quick specs:

  • 6.1 Megapixel CCD sensor
  • 2.5 inch LCD screen
  • ISO 100-3200
  • 1/160 Flash Sync
  • 3 fps in RAW
  • 1/4000 to 30 seconds shutter

No solid pricing yet, but expect it to compete with the Nikon D50 and the Canon EOS 350D.

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SLR Confusion

The slew of new SLR bodies from giants Canon and Nikon has had many of us in the photographic community in a information frenzy. Canon released the Digital Rebel XT / 350D and Nikon responded with the D70s and D50.

What does the "s" behind the D70s stand for? How does it compare to the soon-to-be-released D50?

The answers at dpreview

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Canon Comes to Grips

It's been a secret among Canon users, unwilling to concede to Nikon users, that the insertion of a small piece of index card into an obscure part of the battery compartment in the 20D grip solves the problem of the premature low-battery warning.

Canon has finally owned up to it, and are offering free repairs at their customer service centers. I just hope they won't paint the small piece of index card black hoping you won't see it's there.

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Adobe CS2

Adobe releases the Adobe Creative Suite 2. When I dug deep into my pockets to purchase the original Adobe CS, the biggest selling point for me at that time was the new and improved file browser.

Adobe seems to have taken a leaf out of Apple's iTunes playbook by incorporating Adobe Stock Photos, giving you the ability to find the right image you need but don't already have.

Another highlight (for me, at least) is the Adobe Bridge. I don't see it replacing my copy of iView MediaPro yet, but it'll certainly give it a run for its money.

It's a hefty investment. I'm adopting the wait-and-see. Tell us if you've used it.

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Nikon D50 Rumours

Speculation about a new Nikon digital SLR is at a fever pitch this morning as people are reporting that the camera was spotted on the Japanese Nikon site and the user manual leaked on a German site. The sites quickly removed any information, but some specs were caught that make it appear as if this will be a less expensive digital SLR than the Nikon D70.

The camera will have a silver case, will accept SD memory instead of CF, 3D Matrix metering (adapted from the D2X, 1/500 flash sync, 1/4000 max shutter, 2" LCD, ISO 200-1600. It seems it's basically the D70 with a lighter body.

It's also suspected that the camera may ship with a new lens - AF-S DX 18–55 mm f/3.5-5.6G ED, which raises flags all over the place for me - this is nearly identical to the lens that ships with the D70, so why bother making a new one?

Guesses have the street price around the $650-700 range with lens, which would be a great price for this camera.

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New Konica Minolta Lenses

Konica Minolta (that name still drives me crazy, I can't avoid admitting) announced three new digital specific lenses launching this fall.

AF DT Zoom 18 - 70mm F3.5 - 5.6

This will probably end up being a great all around lens, much like the 18-70mm F3.5 that ships with the Nikon D70 (thought not as wide an aperture).

AF DT Zoom 11 - 18mm F4.5 - 5.6

A very wide lens, even when placed on a digital SLR that crops a good portion of the frame. Personally I'm not sure how useful I'd find this lens, but I'd need to give it a go to know for sure.

AF DT Zoom 18 - 200mm F3.5 - 6.3

And finally, I'm puzzled by this lens. I wouldn't be if they weren't also release the 18-70mm because given a choice, I'd go for this lens. I'm sure the price difference will help make sense of it all, but in any case, a 18-200mm zoom is pretty cool, even if F6.3 isn't all that fast.

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Tamron 11-18mm Lens Announced

Tamron_11_18mm_1Tamron has announced they plan to sell a 11-18mm super wide angle lens exclusively designed for Digital SLR cameras. Priced around $1000.00 Tamron can expect to have to compete directly with Canon and Sigma with their similar upcoming lenses also priced in the same range. Without many differentiating features between this new lens and the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens, it's hard to say how Tamron will win customers.

Personally, while I have no experience with Tamron lenses, I'm not too keen to stray from my Nikon lenses, especially when it comes to digital specific lenses. Tamron better figure out how to make a big price difference or this lens won't move.

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Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

Eos350d03Canon announced its followup to their enormously successful Digital Rebel (AKA the EOS 300D) called the EOS 350D or Digital Rebel XT. This model is supposed to be priced around $899, so it seems to be positioned by Canon to be a replacement for the original Digital Rebel. Canon also predicted that the digital SLR market will double by the end of 2005, and this camera will help do that (no credit given to Nikon, of course).

Known specs:

  • 8MP

  • RAW+JPEG Shooting

  • ISO 100-1600

  • 1/4000 sec max shutter speed

  • 1/200 sec flash sync speed

  • 3FPS JPEG/4FPS RAW (ouch)

  • USB 2.0

Not a bad looking camera for the price, but I'll exercise my Nikon bias and suggest that the D70 still beats the pants off this camera in the specs department everywhere except in the megapixels. But we should all know by now that megapixels doesn't automatically equate to superior image quality.

For Canon users holding out for something with a little more beef to it than the original Digital Rebel, this is a great fit.


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