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New Konica Minolta Lenses

Konica Minolta (that name still drives me crazy, I can't avoid admitting) announced three new digital specific lenses launching this fall.

AF DT Zoom 18 - 70mm F3.5 - 5.6

This will probably end up being a great all around lens, much like the 18-70mm F3.5 that ships with the Nikon D70 (thought not as wide an aperture).

AF DT Zoom 11 - 18mm F4.5 - 5.6

A very wide lens, even when placed on a digital SLR that crops a good portion of the frame. Personally I'm not sure how useful I'd find this lens, but I'd need to give it a go to know for sure.

AF DT Zoom 18 - 200mm F3.5 - 6.3

And finally, I'm puzzled by this lens. I wouldn't be if they weren't also release the 18-70mm because given a choice, I'd go for this lens. I'm sure the price difference will help make sense of it all, but in any case, a 18-200mm zoom is pretty cool, even if F6.3 isn't all that fast.

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I have GOT to get me the 18-70 for my 7D :D
The 11-18 sounds cool too. . .it would be nice to have a 17 mil zoom lens.

Posted by: Max at Mar 29, 2005 8:16:21 PM

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